The 1st International Symposium on Geo-hazards Perception, Cognition andPrediction (PCP) & The 4th International Workshop of CSES Mission, co-organizedby Central South University, China National Space Administration (CNSA), ChinaEarthquake Administration (CEA) and Italian Space Agency (ASI), will be held inChangsha, China on October 17-20, 2019. As an interdisciplinary area ofscholarship encompassing synergic pre-earthquake anomaly monitoring,seismo-electromagneticsatellite, geo-hazards PCP, this joint conference aims to have a profoundimpact on human beings and modern societies by contributing to the developmentof multi-disciplinary approach to earthquake synergic monitoring, anomalyrecognition, short-term prediction and geo-hazard studies.

Abstract Guidelines: Authors are invited to submit a one-page English abstract. The abstract limit is one page but must have at least 300 words. No full-length paper is required. The abstract should explain clearly the content and relevance of the proposed technical contribution. On a separate page list the following information: (1) Title of the paper, (2) Name, affiliation, and email of each author, (3) Corresponding author and Presenting author, (4) Topic or Session Organizer, if applicable. Please submit your contribution to wangweicn@csu.edu.cn. Authors are recommended to use *.doc as the file format. The abstract submission deadline is 15 September 2019 and the author pre-registration deadline is 15 September 2019.

For details, please refer to the conference website: www.geohazard-CSES-2019.com. The full program schedule will be issued on 30 September, 2019.

Suggested Topics:

  • Rock fracturing mechanism and precursors

  • Ground subsidence PCP

  • Landslide PCP

  • Earthquake anomaly PCP

  • Glacier disaster PCP

  • Soil & atmospheric pollution and related synergic analysis as well as risk assessment

  • Key technical issues for CSES satellite platform and payloads

  • Scientific data processing, validation and evaluation methods

  • The ionospheric disturbances induced by the strong earthquakes, geomagnetic storms or other natural sources

  • The ionospheric disturbances induced by man-made activities

  • The geomagnetic field modeling and preliminary results from CESS

  • The electromagnetic waves and wave-particle interactions

  • Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling (LAIC) mechanism

  • Plans for future projects


The 1st International Symposium on Geo-hazards Perception...

Abstracts contributed from different countries:

I.Sponsors:Central South University (CSU), ChinaChina Ear...

October 17-20, 2019

Fengling Hotel

The abstract template is available here

Registration is now open. The registration deadline is 15 September 2019.